A brief and concise introduction to Medicare advantage plan

Medicare Advantage plan is also known as ‘MA Plans’ or ‘Part C’ plans that are generally provided by different private insurance companies. If you want to join this advantage plan, you will still have to avail the original Medicare plan. When you go for the advantage then you are entitled to get Medicare Part A plan (hospital insurance) and the Medicare Part B plan (Medical Insurance) coverage from this.


What are the covered services available under Medicare advantage plan?


Medicare Advantage Insurance plan is there to cover various costs and expenses such as dental, hearing and vision coverage. These kinds of expenses are not generally covered by the original Medicare, and that is the whole of point of having advantage plan.


Rules and regulations


There are some rules and regulations that you are supposed to follow regarding the Medicare Advantage Plan. Medicare is likely to pay some fixed amount for your health care every month to companies providing the advantage plan. Such companies are required to abide by the rules set by Medicare.


Each and every advantage plan is there to charge different out of the pocket cost. Moreover, these are also supposed to have various rules and regulations regarding availing their service. Some of these rules are described below.


  • You are required to have some referral for your specialist doctors to avail all the benefits of the loan.


  • On the other hand, except emergency, you are supposed to go to such hospitals, facilities and doctors that belong to advantage plan’s list.


Nevertheless, the rules are subject to change from company to company.


Drug Coverage in the advantage plan


In most of the cases, the Medicare advantage plan is likely to include the prescription drug coverage (aka Part D). You are allowed to join a completely separate Prescription Drug Plan along with some specific kinds of plans such that:


  • It is not likely to provide the drug coverage (such as Medicare Medical Savings Account plans).


  • It does not choose to provide drug coverage (such as Private Fee for Service plans).


You are supposed to get un-enrolled from the Medicare advantage plans for 2019 and then return to the original Medicare if these apply:


  • You are in the PPO or HMO Medicare Advantage plan.
  • You really join a completely separate Medicare Prescription Drug Plan.


Before you get yourself enrolled with the advantage plan, it is important for you to explore about this loan. You will get sufficient information on the internet.